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We Al Arjoon company General Contracting Ltd. All our staff specialized in the business of processing, installation and operation of elevators and escalators and autowalk.

We Agents for South Korean Hyundai for elevators and escalators. We have experience for more than 37 years in this field.

Our consultants and engineers in the specialization of the elevators and escalators.

Our company include five consultant engineers three of them specialty exclusively in the

 Field of elevators, escalator and autowalk, and trainees in most global companies:                  

1- Swiss Schindler

2- Oates French

3- Connie Finnish

4-Tyson German

5- Hitachi Japanese

6- Hyundai South Korea

7- Italian Sabim

8- Italia Bonex

9- LG South Korea                                                                                                         

10-Japanese Fujitec

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